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Conchita Wurst and Karl Lagerfeld unite to tackle LGBTIQ intolerance in @crfashionbook! More at cacolyte.blogspot.com #conchitawurst #crfashionbook

If and when I grow my hair long, you’ll see me with this hairstyle. #bradleysoileau #hairspo

Seaweed and sea salt on my face errrday @raaawbee #grooming #lush

The man giving homeless people in NYC a boost of confidence. See his work on my blog at cacolyte.blogspot.com and follow him at @markbustos! #inspiration

Bought this to give my mo some TLC. #grooming #uppercutdeluxe 👨



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RIP L.B., golden hollywood style icon. #laurenbacall

The calm before the storm #brontebeach (at Bronte Beach)

#BALMAIN ft. Iman, Rihanna and Naomi 🙌

RIP you wonderful man #robinwilliams

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